Posting again!October 08, 2013

Yeaaaaah, BACK, and working on comics!

Quick recap of why I haven’t been posting/updating: I got pretty sick (man, it seems that every Winter -southern hemisphere- I catch something that really messes me up), and then I had to deal with some stressful IRL things, and I don’t normally deal well with IRL stress. So that’s that, now I’ll work 100% on getting back on track with my regular work schedule, and that means free webcomics for you~

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The Final StretchAugust 20, 2013

It's silly: it feels sometimes that I can't draw Springiette unless I'm happy, but finishing a strip brings a smile to my face! And this time I mean it. I've sat down and I've planned the story till the....end. There's still a good bit of Springiette to go, but I've taken special care to plan everything out and write each strip. And I want to enjoy it! I hope you enjoy it with me!

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June! June?!June 05, 2013

Apologies for the lack of updates. I've spent all of May lettering manga for Seven Seas! That, and other not so positive issues, threw me off my schedule,and for some reason, whenever I have trouble, Springiette becomes the most difficult thing for me to do. :( Perhaps it's because it should be cheerful? I'm not sure. But June doesn't seem to slow down for me (possible convention happening first week of July--meaning, prepping and traveling!), so I'm changing the update schedule to once a week for a little while. Some Springiette is best than no Springiette, right? Hugs to all!

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Back!April 03, 2013

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How I missed drawing comics. T^T
If you've been following me on Twitter, you'd see that I had planned to return mid-March, but during my trip my boyfriend had a medical emergency and I had to stay over for a couple more weeks to take care of him. And as soon I returned home, I had to accommodate family visiting for Easter. XD; Picking dates always ends up being a problem with me. But here I am, and new comic is up! I'm gonna push as many Springiette comics as I can to wrap it up nicely (not TOO soon, don't worry!)

If you use Google Reader, you must know that it's being retired this year. If you're like me, and like to use RSS to follow webcomics, I'd like to share with you ComicRocket! It's a bookmarking tool for webcomics, where you can follow your favorite comics, and keep tabs on the last page you've read! Subscribe to Springiette on ComicRocket and follow our updates!

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Huff huff huffJanuary 31, 2013
Scripts are written, commitment is at 100%, I just need to take care of some IRL things beforehand and then I'll be able to start posting comics again. I'm not the kind of person who leaves projects unfinished!
I've updated all the site sprites and cast page (in color with descriptions!), there's a new wallpaper in Extras, and we'll have more goodies for YOU when Springiette starts updating again!
Thank you all for sticking around! <3


Recalculating!November 03, 2012
Don't worry, I won't forget about Springiette that easily! I just need a bit more time to figure out how much story is left, and to tell it, Springiette style!
You can follow updates on the site's RSS or the many social sites linked on the top bar!


Jumping Ninjas!September 25, 2012
There will be an extra strip on Friday, in replacement to the one I couldn't finish on time for Monday due to a power outage (boo).
And I also want to let you know that my other webcomic Fragile is celebrating its first anniversary with a giveaway! Check it out!


Hello again!August 25, 2012
So good to see you all again! Wow, has it really been two months since the last update? Half of that time I spent it in bed sick, so I don't really remembered much. But I am back, yaaay!

Thank you for your patience and I hope many of you returned and is reading this new update! I also wanna thank to everyone who came by my Otakon table, it was my first convention ever, and it was great to meet readers, and fans of cute as well! It was so much fun I am already planning to attend more cons next year!

I've decided to change the way the blog is posted, comments are enabled under each strip, but this blog will update independently from the strip. I'll also be posting some amazing things I've gotten from the con, I've barely had time to do much that wasn't work since I came back!

On other news, my friends convinced me, and now I have a board on the Pixie Trix forum! Finally, remember that splash of color that was all my con merchandise? It's up on the store! Prints, buttons, charms, and books!

That's all for now! The story continues... :O