Chop Chop Ninja Doom Chop Chop Ninja Doom
CCND, Chop
Birthday: December 23rd
Occupation: Ninja
Language: Not English
Pet: Sushi
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Potato chips
Favorite activity: Play games
Chocobanana Sofuto
CBS, Choco
Birthday: May 10th
Occupation: Former olympic swimmer
Language: English
Pet: Boo
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite food: Ice cream
Favorite activity: Float
Chocobanana Sofuto
Boo-baby, Boo-belly
Birthday: Around October 31st
Occupation: Coolest cat in town (according to himself)
Owner: Chocobanana Sofuto
Favorite color: Silky black
Favorite food: Anything that's edible and some things that aren't
Favorite activity: Eat, sing

Food (called so by Boo)
Birthday: February 13rd
Occupation: Delicious treat, guardian dog
Owner: Chop Chop Ninja Doom
Favorite color: Samurai blue
Favorite food: Cannibal!
Favorite activity: Drool

Debris Harakiri and Puffa Puffa Afro Dude
Debris Harakiri
Birthday: Sep 25th
Frowny faced, complainey-pants friend.
Puffa Puffa Afro Dude
Birthday: Feb 7th
The 'fro is the source of his grooviness. Has an army of chicks.

Candy Kitty
Birthday: May 4th
A sugar tornado of sweetness. Loves Pork Chop very much.
Pork Chop
Birthday: Aug 9th
A woman of few words. Loves Candy Kitty very much, in silence.

Tiramisu Elli and Agent Pirate
Tiramisu Elli
Birthday: Dec 19th
Better to not cross her before she's had a cup of coffee.
Agent Pirate
Birthday: June 17th
Modern age pirate who thinks Ninjas are a legend. A gentleman at heart.

Chocomom and Momma
Birthday: May 13th
CBS' mom. Loves to knit and to bake choco-chip muffins.
Birthday: Oct 29th
Boo's mom. A very classy lady who enjoys getting letters from her children.

Chef Fraiche and Twizzy
Chef (Waiter) Fraiche
Birthday: July 14th
Big mouthed chef. Has a very stylish goatee.
Twizzy Twist
Birthday: November 7th
A very shy baker who's new in city and looking for a job. She might not be what she seems to be...

Miss Lemon Shark and Coconut Splash
Miss Lemon Shark
Birthday: August 1st
Very strict swimming instructor from the Anatidae Academy and Olympic trainer. Hates innertubes.
Coconut Splash
Birthday: June 11th
CBS' rival from Anatidae Academy. Three times olympic gold medalist in platform diving.

Candy Cane Ninjas Headmaster and BBNL
Candy Cane Ninjas Headmaster
Birthday: December 5th
Guardian of the Candy Cane Ninja secrets. Knows the meaning of life, but that's a secret.
B? B? N? L?
Birthday: April 6th
A confusing spectre who requested CCND's help. Needs to switch colognes.