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Imagine two friends, and their pets, living together. Now imagine one of them is a ninja, with an unhealthy obsession with potato chips, and the other is a former Olympic swimmer, who got tired of swimming and just wants to float. Oh, and their pets are a hungry black cat and a barking piece of sushi. Sounds weird? Meet Chop Chop Ninja Doom and Chocobanana Sofuto, the most ruthless outlaws ever to go about spreading love all over the world! Don't let their cuteness fool you - they will shamelessly drag you into their adventures, and you won't be able to escape!

Springiette is a four panel comic with lots of love and cute adventures. The comic began in 2007, doing 4 strip arcs per theme, and it evolved into a story-based biweekly strip.

The beginning!
Strips 1 to 156
The first era, Chop & Choco's silly adventures. Learn what ninjas and swimmers do when it comes to food, music, pets, manners & vacations!

The Springiette Universe!
Strips 101 to 104
Origins, physics, and dog food powered creatures!

How friendship began...
Strips 157 to 164; 169 to 200
Wonder how Chop & Choco met? How did they end up sharing a roof?

Volume 1 ends here. You can read all these strips in the 1st Springiette book!

We love desserts!
200 onwards
Volume 2: Chop & Choco look for new challenges, meeting new friends (and enemies) in the process!

And you can always start reading from the start here!


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