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Thoughts of the Ninja:
And so, Springiette is finally online! If I told you when this strip was made, you wouldn't believe how much of a procrastinators we are... 8D Just kiddin'. I hope you like it and I hope to see you every Sunday!

And the Banana said:
This was the meeting of CCND and CBS. Or was it? I'm actually not sure. If you're as confused as I am, no worries. This is going to be an interesting experience...



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Posting again!October 08, 2013

Yeaaaaah, BACK, and working on comics!

Quick recap of why I haven’t been posting/updating: I got pretty sick (man, it seems that every Winter -southern hemisphere- I catch something that really messes me up), and then I had to deal with some stressful IRL things, and I don’t normally deal well with IRL stress. So that’s that, now I’ll work 100% on getting back on track with my regular work schedule, and that means free webcomics for you~

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