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Thoughts of the Ninja:
You guiiiise. I wish I had posted this earlier but I was a bit under the weather. But it's the 99th strip! It's so amaizing to think that next Wednesday it's gonna be #100 ;-; We leave behind the two digit numbers! Aah!

And something I've been bothering everyone for the past weeks. How do YOU pronounce Springiette? Well, my totally scientific research at my deviantART page has shown me the different ways people say Springiette... THE TRUTH: when we came up with the name, it was via chat window. And I used to pronounce it "Sprin-jet". But now, I pronounce it... "Sprin-getty". Does this means that "Sprin-getty" is the right way to say it? NUH HUH!. Honestly, you can pronounce it whatever way you want. There's no need to be all "uuh sorry I totally butchered up your name" because I've noticed the pronunciation depends on what language you speak. Of course if it would be an actual word we wouldn't be having this issue, but Springiette wouldn't have been the same if it was called "Friends" or "Crazy marshmellow people" :D SO IF YOU COME UP TO ME IN A CONVENTION AND YELL SPRING-ETT OR SPRINGY-ETTY OR WHATEVER, I'LL TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN :D :D :D

See ya all next week, hopefully with surprises :)



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Posting again!October 08, 2013

Yeaaaaah, BACK, and working on comics!

Quick recap of why I haven’t been posting/updating: I got pretty sick (man, it seems that every Winter -southern hemisphere- I catch something that really messes me up), and then I had to deal with some stressful IRL things, and I don’t normally deal well with IRL stress. So that’s that, now I’ll work 100% on getting back on track with my regular work schedule, and that means free webcomics for you~

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